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The Big Idea (1st Series) Pt 2 by John C Maxwell

In the part 1 of this first series of the big idea, we said that a good team player is adaptable; i.e Highly teachable, emotionally secure, creative and service minded. Wee also mentioned that a good team player is also collaborative; there are four key areas a collaborative team player needs to change, …

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Parental crimes when it comes to social media

1. The ‘talk’ Every teenager must endure “the talk” before they are allowed access to the internet: a flow of warnings and cautions, making sure you know that “you mustn’t ‘friend’ anyone you don’t know” or “post anything you might regret later in life”. Parents tell you what you already …

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The Truth About Trans Fats

What are trans fat? Trans fats, or trans-unsaturated fatty acids, trans fatty acids, are a type of unsaturated fats that are uncommon in nature but became commonly produced industrially from vegetable fats for use in margarine, snack food, packaged baked goods and frying fast food starting in the 1950s. Trans …

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Antibacterial Soaps Don’t Help, Could Hurt

Yet another research team has come out with a report against the use of antibacterial soaps. The South Korean scientists discovered that antibacterial soaps only kill more bacteria than regular soaps do, if the antibacterial soaps are exposed to the bacteria for hours. When the antibacterial soaps and the regular …

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