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  1. Landon Shofner

    Just recently came across Sherllsy’s posting of my spoken word called, Soldier of Christ. Just wanted to say a quick thank you to you guys for whoever is receiving this. I have since looked throughout this website and it’s always awesome to see people spreading the truth of our Savior.

    Thank you again & God Bless you all,
    Landon Shofner

  2. I have just seen your flyer that you will be ministering in Milton Keynes on the 23/07/16, we are also having a Conference at the of August 26-28th, we would like to send you some information.


    Please i would like to locate the office of the National Peace Council and if possible a contact number and an address.
    Thank You

  4. Please can you give the direction to your office and contact. Thank!

  5. May God bless you for the good work your doing tawards the kingdom business

  6. Just in love with the layout and content on your website. Keep it up!

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