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How to Sleep Comfortably

The nature of our sleep results in our daily activity.Try adjusting the environment around your bed as well as your evening activities, and you should notice a significant improvement. If your sleep is disrupted by heavy snoring, chronic insomnia, or severe anxiety, these methods can still help to a degree, but consulting a doctor may be necessary.

Creating a Comfortable Sleep Environment

  • Keep the room cool but comfortable
  • Reduce sound and light.
  • Consider white noise.
  • Pick a sleeping position.
  • Test different pillow arrangements.
  • Use heavy blankets in cool to normal temperature.
  • Get comfortable in hot weather.

Preventing Restless Sleep

  • Be careful about hot showers and exercise before bed.
  • Avoid most electronics.
  • Avoid stimulating vitamins, supplements, and foods.
  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes before bed.
  • Take sleep aids if necessary.

Relaxing at Bedtime

  • Use your bed only for bedtime.
  • Have a bedtime ritual such as reading a book or listening to music.
  • Exercise earlier in the day.
  • Finish the day with a light meal.