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[Listen] The Power Of Hunger

A message by Dr Mensa Otabil ”The Power Of Hunger”. Hunger is to intensively desire for something. Hunger for righteousness. A person who is not hungry would not achieve much for life. Hunger hightens your appetites, It drives your perseus and sharpens your senses. Click here to listen………. And be …

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[Listen] The Craftmen

”The Craftmen”, a message by Mensa Otabil. The message talks about the peopel God is rasing in this generation, people with skill who will repair the broken walls of our nation and who will restore hope and dignitary to our people –  Zacariea 1:18 – 21. Click here to Listen………. …

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[Listen] Why God Allows Your Crisis

Crisis means an extremely difficult or dangerous point in a situation. A message by Dr. Tony Evans ”Why God Allows Your Crisis”. God wants us to depend and trust in Him. Click here to listen…….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urwuN8GNc4E And be bless…..!

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