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Etiquette For Musicians PT. 1 – Stick To The Time!

Etiquette simply means the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group. I believe there are certain basic manners that every musician must cultivate. One such is sticking to the allotted time given for ministration. I have been to events where ministers …

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The Holy Spirit Effect!

Last week, I shared about the possibility of ministering a particular song over a period of time, with a continuous impact on your audience. I gave you one key to that effect. Personally, I’ve come to realise that the more you sing a particular song, the better you get at it. Today, …

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What Works For Your Voice?

Maintaining good singing voice is key to a successful career in this music business. People often ask me what I do to keep my voice in top shape. Well, my voice is my instrument and so I take good care of it just as the guitarist would take care of his …

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Improving Stage Presence – (Pt. Two)!

We established last week that “Stage presence” refers to the certain charisma and charm that a performer possesses that draws in an audience and commands their full attention. Here are a few more tips to help you develop this art. Firstly, interpreting a song, i.e. the mind of a composer …

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Don’t Be In A Rush To Lead!

Are you aware there’s a big difference between singing backup and lead singing? Most of the people that write/speak to me often express their eagerness to lead or go solo. They don’t see the need to submit to authority and learn the basics. I used to be a backing vocalist …

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Pope Francis Explains Why Some Christians Are Vagabonds

pope francis forgiveness

The Pope said some Christians wander away from the true path like vagabonds Christians distracted from the path set out by Jesus can turn into decrepit “spiritual mummies,” Pope Francis has said in a homily. Spiritual mummies stray from the path of Christian life by choosing to stand still “not …

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Christian Martyrs Remembered

The event was sponsored by Catholic charity, Aid to the Church in Need. The Trevi Fountain, a Rome landmark, was lit up in red on April 29 in a graphic commemoration of the thousands of modern Christians martyred for their faith. The event was sponsored by the Catholic charity Aid …

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Nigerian Cardinal Unhurt After Being Shot

The attack took place as Cardinal John Onaiyekan was being driven through Edo state Cardinal John Onaiyekan, the Archbishop of Abuja, Nigeria, was shot at by gunmen while travelling in the country’s Edo state last week. The cardinal, and those in the vehicle with him, were not injured in the …

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