10 reasons you must get involved with ministry

Ministry is basically the work of the Lord. God always wants the burden of ministry to be shared and he does not use man because of man but because of him.

Every believer must be made a minister for we are called to minister to God in prayer, in praise and in worship. We have also been called to minister to the church and to the world as a whole.

Here is why we ought to get involved in ministry;

1.We are created for service – Ephesians 2:10

2.We are saved for service – 2nd Timothy 1:9, Mark 3:14

3.Because we are gifted to serve him

4. Ministry helps you to add value to your service – 1st Corinthians 12:15

5.Because God needs more servants – Matthew 9:37

6.Because the more you serve, the higher your rank – Matthew 20:27-28

7.Your lack of service places undue burden on leadership- Ephesians 4:11

8.You should serve God because when you don’t use it, you loose it -Matthew 25:27

9.Because you owe everything to Jesus -Romans 12:1

10.You need to get busy for God or else temptation will catch up – 2nd Samuel 11:1-5