10 Ways to Stop Being a Victim

1. Stop the blame-game

Stopping the victim mentality comes with certain rules. The first rule is always avoiding the blame game. You have to understand that no one but you yourself hold the key to your happiness. Blaming others may often provide temporary relief from the pain but it has negative long term issues. Take responsibility, maturity is about responsibility. identify the problem, solve it and move on.


2. Start loving yourself

It has been observed that individuals who play the victim are the same ones who struggle in the point of ‘self love’. This could be because of an impressionable past experience or a general shortcoming but then one has to know that they are not alone. Remember that God loves you so much that He sent His only Son to come and die for you (John3:16). Even while you were yet in sin, God loved you. So, you are never alone and unloved, you are greatly loved.


3. Practicing gratitude

One of the best rules that can be followed easily and gives positive returns is incorporating gratitude in our daily lives. If you are feeling grateful and counting your blessings more than the negatives then it is impossible to feel like a victim. Thanksgiving must be done all the time. Afterall, how hard is it to say thank you. Show appreciation and the blessings will keep piling up.


4. Perform small acts of kindness to others

Simple acts of kindness can help us positively impact the lives of others. Paying a compliment or performing a small act of kindness not only makes other happy but also has a major positive role to play in ours. Giving of our selves blesses others and us as well


5. Forgive and Forget

The act of letting go is important while making any significant change in your life. We do not forgive people thinking it makes us weak. But honestly keeping such negative thoughts in our minds for undetermined periods of time makes us the ultimate weak loser. It does not need to come with an apology or justice associated with it. It is all about discovering the inner strength and making peace with it. We must forgive even as God forgives us, its as simple as that.


6. Build up on God confidence

Any individual who feels like a victim is sure to suffer from immense low self confidence in real life. This is not a one day duty. Start by knowing who you are in Christ; The Bible calls you Royalty (you are a royal priesthood). So dress better, smile more, be filled with joy, speak with clarity, knowing that as Christ is, so are you in this world. It is going to work really very well.


7. Find the source of the negativity

When you are struggling to be happy and finding faults within yourself every now and then you must have been holding onto past fears or experiences that you have not moved over from completely. Take heed to the main stem of such thoughts and work on them one at a time. Making peace with your own self is of utmost importance. Let go of bitterness, pray for those who hurt you and you will realize one day how much peace you have within yourself. After all, the bible says ‘love your enemies’.


8. Bring a change in general mentality from a victim to a victor

Life is not always fair and you must accept it the way it is and find ways to appreciate it. That is a worldly mentality. Remember, as a christian, you are more than a conqueror, not just a conqueror but ‘more than a conqueror’. Renew your mind with the word and change how you think. “What does God say about me? is how you must think”


9. List all your fears and resentments and present them in prayer

Start a journal and write in it often. Make it a practice and list down all the things you fear or resent. Then starts the main work. Allow yourself to consciously distance from them, table them before God and allow Him to work in you. This also includes cutting off the negative people from your life who do not let you be you. Remember, friendship is by choice. You choose your friends, they do not choose you.


10. Meditate on the Word daily

This is the sole way where you can have answer to all the questions that is creating impending amounts of worries and pains in your life. Keep aside a short 10 minutes slot for yourself. The Word of God brings peace and meditating on the Word will start your day with peace and love, and not only that, you will be build Spiritual strength.


God’s Word has everything you need. The Bible says ” God has not given us the Spirit of fear but of love and of a sound mind.”