12 Things That Separate Girls From Women

1. Girls take on every fight women choose their battles, in a relationship girls take on every fight and make a mountain out of a molehill, Women don’t.

2. Girls look for cute and women look for deeper values of character and intelligence

3. Girls spend to make an impression and women understand the value of money

4. Girls spend money extensively on things and women spend on value.

5. Girls think short term women think long term

6. Girls relate to the man and women relate to the family

7. Girls manipulate and control, women support.

8. Girls don’t value the role of a man as head of the house, Women appreciate the role of the man.

9. Girls throw away their girlfriends after they find a man, women deepen relationships with their girlfriends.

10. Make a girl know that you love her and she bluffs you, make a woman know that you love her and she respects you.

11. Girls think their husbands can’t cheat, women know cheating is real and trust their husbands will be matured enough to avoid it.

12. Girls want a man who will take care of them, women take good care of themselves.

Is the female in your life a woman or a girl??-



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