14 Common fears of Women

  1. The fear of not getting married

2. The fear of not having a child

3. The fear of marrying the wrong person

4. The fear of poverty and financial difficulties

5. The fear of her husband becoming interested in some one else

6. The fear of their children not doing well

7. The fear of the husbands not loving them anymore

8. The fear of becoming a widow

9. The fear of in-laws

10. The fear of not being liked by others

11. The fear of being mistreated in the future

12. The fear of giving everything and losing it all

13. The fear of experiencing what she has seen happen to others

14. The fear of investing her everything into marriage and then losing it all

Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear influences many women to do the things they do. Humbly analyze your thoughts, See if you are doing what are doing because of fear. Remember that fear is a demon – 2nd Timothy 1:7