22nd March, 2018- What You Don’t Know About Yourself (Sanguine)



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Identify for you the specific spiritual gifts God has given you.


A temperament is a person’s nature which automatically affects his manner of thinking and behavior. It can also be analyzed as traits we inherited from our parents that affects the mind and emotions. This helps you know how unique you are from your sibling, a colleague or friend. A more distinct trace of one’s temperament can be seen amongst identical twins. Where one may be more active than the other in different activities. Your temperament affects your eating, driving, dressing, studying, communication and even your discipline habits. Which makes our temperaments very vital in our daily lives.

Almost everyone is interested in human behavior, from the way we think, feel, respond, explode and act the way we do. And the best solutions to these needs have been characterize into four basic temperaments which are; the Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic. However, these temperaments work hand in hand. This is because, research shows that no one can be only one temperament, since everyone has a different home, educational and relation background. You also do not get affected by every positive or negative aspect of the temperament you are. This means, you can be a Sanguine and Choleric person ”SanChlor” or a Melancholy and phlegmatic person “MelPhleg”. And as such, every temperament has strengths and weaknesses.

Life Cycle For Sanguine Traits


STRENGTHS                                                              WEAKNESSES

  • Adorable                                                               Screams for attention
  • Loves to gurgle                                                    Selfish
  • Open to people                                                     Demands attention
  • Shows off                                                              Troublesome                                    


STRENGTHS                                                              WEAKNESSES

  • Lively and cheerful                                               Disorganized
  • Innocent appearance                                           Get distracted easily
  • Loves to have fun                                                 Emotionally unstable
  • Loves to be in the company of people                 Easily forgets



STRENGTHS                                                               WEAKNESSES

  • Great performer/supporter                                  Deceptive
  • Popular                                                                  Wants attention
  • Lures others                                                          Dull at studying
  • Easily apologize                                                    Creative excuses
  • Creative and colorful                                            Easily led astray



STRENGTHS                                                                WEAKNESSES

  • Responsive                                                             Undisciplined
  • Outing                                                                     Emotionally unstable                
  • Talkative                                                                 Exaggerate
  • Compassionate                                                       Poor insight         
  •  Warm and friendly                                                 Poor alternative planner

In our next TEMPERAMENT DIGEST, we would list down strengths and weaknesses of the other temperaments. Stay tuned and God bless you.