4 Things You Need To Do Before Recording

1. Make sure you know your lyrics

Go over them as many times as you need. You have to know the intonation of each word, the beginning and ending of each bar. If you’re going to spit from memory, practice and do it until you’re sick of it. It has to be engraved in your brain, so when you do the actual performance, you will be able to add the right feeling to it. If you’re going to record while reading at the papers, make sure you have written them clean and nice, with big letters. You don’t want to stop the recording in the middle of the song, just because you couldn’t read what you have written. It’s a mood killer, believe me.

2. Zone Out

Nothing matters now. If you’re recording at home, stop thinking about what the neighbors might say, stop caring about your daily problems. When you start recording it’s only you and the beat, nothing more. So sitting at one place, shutting of everything and just remain in a *meditating start, will improve your performance* By meditating state, I don’t mean cross your legs and start doing some ridiculous sounds. I’m not into that. It’s just a state where you don’t think about anything for like 5 minutes. You get your brain empty. It helps, trust me.

3. Tune-in to the Emotion of the Song

This is very important to me . The whole recording depends on that. *Think of yourself as an actor once you enter the booth* Your voice has to express the emotion of the lyrics and the melody with great *precision* . If the song is aggressive, start feeling that emotion. Start thinking about stuff that gets you angry. Do this for a while and you’ll begin to feel a vibe. That vibe is what you need and once you hit the peak, you go in the booth and kill it.

4. Don’t be intimidated by the surroundings

When you’re recording in a studio, you might feel uncomfortable at the beginning. I mean, the first time I went to record in a studio, I felt I was in a science lab man. All that equipment, microphones, pop filters, isolation and stuff, I wasn’t ready for that. You have to brush everything off. It’s nothing but a place where you will make your first hit song. This is the place where you make history. Don’t chat bullshit with the engineer man. Give him your instructions, get into the song’s emotion and murder it. There is nothing more to it.