4C’s Approach Is A Deal Breaker On The Part of GEC Pastors

The Global Evangelical Church Pastors and Spouses Association, has ended its four-days retreat at Ho, resolving to accept Coaching, Capacity Building, Effective Communication and Creative Leadership to help transform local congregations.

In a resolution adopted at the end of the retreat, the Association called on the Church’s leadership to introduce the necessary mechanisms to help entrench the concept and practice within the Church and the society.

The resolution said the concept of Coaching, Capacity Building, Effective Communication, and Creative Leadership should be incorporated into the initial training of all new pastors, adding that, the platform should be created at all levels to consolidate the concept in the church.

The retreat was on the theme: “Striving for Excellence in the Kingdom Business”.

A team of leadership experts from the International Leadership Foundation led the Pastors and their Spouses through Creative Leadership, the role of the Church in developing Societal Transformational Leaders and Coaching.

The team also treated topics such as capacity building, effective communication and helped the Pastors to identify and be committed to transformational projects within their communities so as to make them better.

Interacting with the Executives, the Moderator of the Church, Right Reverend Dr Setorwu Ofori, said to strengthen the financial capacity of congregations, the leadership would collaborate with the Global Impact Foundation to establish a Development/Relief Fund, to support development projects of congregations.

The fund would halt the current situation where congregations are compelled to take loans from financial institutions at very high interest rates for development projects.

He said a proposal for the project has been circulated for synod review and consideration.

The Moderator announced plans to relocate the Global Theological Seminary (GTS) to a permanent site.

He said contrary to the original plan to have the GTS as part of the proposed Global Evangelical University College at Battor, the Seminary would be separated.

Leadership has seen the need to separate the GTS from the mainline University to forestall any future challenges, he explained.