5 crucial things Christian singles need to remember {Part 1}

Life can be tough. Most Christian singles would agree. There’s always lots of pressure, and it comes from everyone – those you know, and some you don’t.

The society you and I live in is influenced by many diverse events that shape our perceptions of reality and normal. In everything from fashion and family life to dating, love and relationships, it’s tough not to be influenced by generally accepted practices accepted by the large majority of people who may not always hold Christian values in high esteem.

Growing up in a world where most people are choosing to reject God can be tough. That already means you’re against the grain, the minority, so to speak. Everything you stand for sticks out as being the unpopular view. Being single and a Christian single at that can be your life’s toughest mission.

Onward Christian Singles, Marching As To War

Forgive the drama in that heading, but it really is a war. There’s a war on your mind, your beliefs and your convictions to stay true to Christ in a sinful world. There is a certain resolve, like that of a soldier that you must have if you will win in this ever-raging tumult.

Because God doesn’t plan to change His Word anytime soon, there needs to be a resolve to live according to His Word no matter what is wooing us away.

Here’s 5 crucial facts Christian singles men and women alike need to remind themselves of, often and always.

1. You Are Not Married

That used to go without saying, but now it needs to be said.

Remember, that as a single man or woman, you are single, not married. It’s important to put it side by side with marriage or you risk losing sight of what it means to be single.

Too often, we hear the words, “But we love each other”, “We’re not hurting anybody else; this is our own decision” and “We will get married anyway”, every time some Christians compromise on the Bible’s standards of singleness, godliness and purity.

The Bible has clear limits for what is allowed for a single man or woman in Christ and what is reserved for married couples. Simply saying you’re single doesn’t cut it anymore, because so much has been blurred along the lines of personal liberty and self-gratification, that you need to place the high standard of marriage alongside it, as a reminder that those thing that are now seen as okay for single people actually belong to another group – the married.

Sex is one of those things that has quickly moved from being reserved for the married, to being permissible for the singles, to now being expected even after the casual outing or blind date. There is little restraint, less self-control.

How quickly the standards have eroded.

Always remember: you are not married. You’re single. That will force you to remember the distinction between the two, and keep to your side of the fence safely according to God’s Word.

2. Your First Priority is to God

If you’re a Christian, God is always your priority. That goes without saying. For Christian singles, though, it seems that would be even more the case.

The Bible does tell us that being single has a unique advantage that you can carefully and without distraction for the things of God. That is no longer the case when you’re married.

Of course you’re devoted to God then too, or should be, but really, marriage brings certain responsibilities – and rightly so – that often take away from your time altogether, and consequently your unwavering devotion to God. It’s just the way it is.

Being single is that time to give yourself and your abilities fully to serving God. That’s really the time, before the cumber of a relationship comes into play. Sometimes, the best times you’ll invest in prayer, the study of God’s Word and evangelism, among other Christian will be while you’re single.

In the experience of most people, when you’re no longer single, it’s not as easy to do the things you once did. Unfortunate, but it’s a harsh reality.

That’s why you need to spend and be spent for the Lord while you’re single. That’s the time to do so. Give yourself to prayer, Bible study and service in God’s house like it’s all you have to do. Believe me, that’s the time to do it.

To be continued……….