5 Most Effective Prayer Topics for Spiritual Growth.

It is equally important to know what to pray about. That has as much bearing on the results as knowing how to pray, because what you pray for speaks to your motives and whether God would answer them or not.

“Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples”.

This was the famous request of the disciples to the Lord Jesus Christ one day as He came down from the mountainside and settled down with them.

They recognized then what every Christian should know now, which is this: Knowing how to pray is only one of the things you should know, though.

Yet it is the kind of prayer that makes for the best fellowship, more intimacy and deeper communication with God. Private prayer is irreplaceable in the life of the Christian.

Here are 5 prayer topics that every serious Christian should use in their private prayer and persist in until they see the results in their own lives.

1.   Ask God to give you more and more grace

Grace is the beauty of God on the life of a man. One of the commonest definitions of grace is that it is unmerited favour. We find that grace of God expressed on many levels in many ways.

The first manifestation of the grace of God, is the one that made possible a way of salvation for fallen man. The Bible shows that God’s grace that brings salvation, is what brought Jesus in to save man. (ref Titus 2:11-14)

Beyond that, the grace of God is necessary to receive all the blessings that God has for His children. It is important to understand that God’s blessings are not earned by meritorious works. That important understanding means that you attribute all the success, excellence and glory of your life to the God who places His own beauty on your life and gives you His grace to be everything you are.

That beauty results in favour, blessings, advantage, and the power to do things that are beyond human ability and expect divine results.

Every Christian has been given the grace of God, but it’s important to grow in it, and to learn how not to frustrate it when it’s working for you. It is a great idea to pray daily that God give you more and more grace. The more grace you are able to attract and receive, the more divine results you can have without struggle.

The more grace you operate in, the more of God’s blessings you see manifest in your life on a daily basis. The Scripture declares that God is the giver of grace, and that He gives more and more grace to anyone who will receive it. (Ref James 4:6, Romans 5:17)

Always pray that God will increase His grace in your life.

2.   Ask God to strengthen your heart and help you to remain faithful when challenges arise
Everyone who serves God is required to be faithful to his calling and God’s assignment.

In serving God and living a daily Christian life, there are challenges – challenges that may shake your faith or cause you to doubt the God who saved you and called you to Himself. Getting started is not all there is to serving God; it is important that anyone who comes to God must remain faithful to the call.

Always pray that God will strengthen your heart with His Word and through fellowship with His Spirit, so you can be fully persuaded that He is with you and nothing can drown you as you follow after Him. Regardless of the challenges that one may face in the journey, it is important to remain faithful to the end and not give up along the way.

When that happens, no matter what you face, you can win over adversity, trials, challenges or difficulties. You will come out of each test, trial or affliction stronger than you went in, and you will have learnt something that will help you be a better version of yourself as you go along.

Pray that God will help you to stay faithful to Him no matter what comes up in your life that you will trust Him to take you through the storms that you must necessarily face, and to keep you from losing your hope and confidence in Him.

3.   Ask God to help your deepen your commitment to His work in your local church
The Church is the global body of believers and we’re together as one. All believers in Jesus Christ all over the world constitute the body of Christ on earth.

Yet each believer meets in a smaller assembly of Christians. The local assembly is the vital body of Christ to which each Christian must belong. It is at that level that the believer is ministered to daily and taken care of in the Lord. It is also the vehicle for building and training believers to become responsible Christians that can work for the Lord. You need to be committed to a local church in order to be very effective for the Lord.

In a local church, you can be active and serve God in a specific capacity. Whether it is in a ministry, department or other special assignment, the local church is your place of contribution to what the Lord wants done. It is where you submit to the vision of God as given to the minister responsible for the assembly, and that is the framework within which you serve God, to accomplish what God wants done.

Any talents, gifts and callings on your life can be used in that local church for the benefit of all who worship there and beyond.

Serving in a local assembly also helps to ground you and build the discipline that makes for discipleship. It deepens your commitment to the Lord and helps you have a structured approach to serving God. You are able to serve God in a visible, measurable way that can increase over time as you commit to doing more for God.

Every Christian needs to pray that God will give them the grace and ability to serve in one capacity or the other in their local assembly, and more so be committed to it.

4.   Pray for a better understanding of God’s will and divine purpose for your life

God has a plan for everyone. And in that plan, there are general directions to go, and there are specific things for each person to accomplish. The success of your life is directly a case of how much of God’s will and purpose for your specific life you are able to accomplish while on earth.

Every Christian must strive to know what that purpose is and walk accordingly. There is a blueprint for every child of God to follow; some things are general and apply to all believers everywhere, while others are quite unique to individuals and God’s special plan for each of His people.

Knowing God’s will for your life will ease your choices and help you make useful decisions that will propel you in the right direction. You will make the right decisions about your life, family, career, finances, ministry and several other aspects of your life as you know better what God wants you to do for Him with your life.

It will also help you avoid certain mistakes along your path to fulfilling God’s dream for your life.

Praying like this is good for any believer. It will surely insulate you from a lot of bad choices, mistakes, missed opportunities and unnecessary detours, and hasten your progress on your path to being who God wants you to be.

5.   Pray that you will constantly experience the fellowship of the Holy Spirit

God gave the Holy Spirit to the church, so He can lead us daily in our Christian walk. The Holy Spirit is Himself God. He is known in the Scriptures as the Spirit of the Father and the Spirit of the Son. He is the Spirit of God.

He is the principal Person that walks with the Christian today. Everyone who knows God today knows Him because they have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit brings the presence of God to you, so you know God is always with you.

He’s the One that interprets the Scriptures to a Christian, the One sent to help a believer life the victorious Christian life. He is the Helper that Jesus promised His disciples shortly before leaving the earth.

Every Christian must know the Holy Spirit intimately in order to get the maximum benefits of His presence and ministry in their lives. A daily fellowship with the Holy Spirit is what matures you as a believer, increases your faith and confidence in God, and gives you a better knowledge of who God wants you to be and how He would have you live.

Also, daily communion and fellowship with the Holy Spirit will keep you in tune with God and always open to hearing His guidance for your life. To say that one must always seek a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit would be an understatement.

Knowing Him is crucial to being a victor and a successful Christian. It is imperative to pray constantly that God reveal Himself to you more and more through your fellowship with the Holy Spirit. It’s also important to pray that you will recognize His voice as He speaks to you in the many ways that He can and does speak. The Holy Spirit is God’s blessing to His church; get to know Him better today!

Every Christian should strive to have a personal prayer life. Praying on your own and by yourself is probably more difficult than corporate prayer, which is in church or a group with other people beside yourself.