5 Steps to keeping your heart

Flood your heart with preachings and positive thoughts. Guard your heart with the things of God just as Proverbs 4:23 says “Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life.”


  1. Control the friends you keep

When you are with friends you are usually casual and not guarded and they get to criticise you. it is highly contagious, for you could easily become like them.


  1. Be selective of what you want

If you sit under someone you get exposed to what is in their heart and you are likely to become them. They usually share what is in their heart with those around them.


  1. Television

There are a lot of things being shown on television these days and the things we see affects us and the way we approach issues in real life. Telenovelas this days are teaching the youth a whole lot of violence and fiction.


  1. Radio

As individuals we get to like what you listen to often,be it music,or programmes that gets you addicted.


  1. Our thoughts

So much thoughts run through your mind when certain things begin to push you to do some things , simply start playing inspirational music when you feel you are thinking too much. If you are alone and it makes you think, step out and meet people.


The Journey of thoughts are usually unreal, it breeds depression.What you see can bring fear in you, your illusions can control you so don’t let your mind dwell on bad things they enter your heart through fear.