5 things about the Mountain of the Lord conference that would blow your mind

When such events are introduced try to be a partaker of it and never take it for granted. Because wherever the people of God gathers, God always appears.

Here are the 5 great things you missed:

  •  The experience of being in the midst of over thousands of people from the continent.
  • Getting the feel of Christianity from various curatorial of people.
  • Witnessing ways and means of how people worship their creator. Their actions and inactions towards the descendent of the Holy Spirit.
  • Experiencing the attitudes of Christians in the church and after church service.
  • How Christians interact with their long term friends when they are fortunate to meet again in such gathering. Making of new friends and crushing on someone they love. Also meeting their favourite pastor, minister, radio and Tv host.

This is the greatest experience I would urge you to never miss again.