5 things married couples should avoid

Gospelcrusader.com brings you some powerful advice on what to do in order to keep your marriage blossoming.

Here are 5 things to avoid in your marriage:

1.  Avoid exposing your spouse to their friends, you must learn to cover up for them through thick and thin.

2.  Avoid inviting your friends and relations into your marital affairs and enjoy your peaceful marriage.

3.  As soon as you get married, your bodies are for each other as a wife, chase him with your body, seduce him and give into your husband sexual needs anytime he wants it. Never deny him/ her sex.

4.  Your husband’s phone is not your phone! What are you looking for? This practice is not necessary. Respect your spouse’s privacy and he will respect yours as well.

5.   Reporting your spouse to your pastor or counsellors won’t stop them from exhibiting such attitudes. I suggest you rather talk it over with him/her and if it persist. You go to your maker, God in Prayers.