5 year old declares war on the devil “Her latest single #WAR”

America’s Got Talent” sweetheart Heavenly Joy Jerkins has declared war against the devil in her new Gospel single.

Heavenly Joy is the 5-year-old daughter of Grammy Award-winning producer Rodney Jerkins and actress Joy Enriquez.

She went viral after charming audiences when she told the judges of “America’s Got Talent” that Jesus lived inside her.

Heavenly Joy won the hearts of millions of Americans but now sings about winning the fight against the enemy in her new single “War.”

The caption of the music video for her single reads like a war cry against the enemy: “You can’t have my family, my joy, my peace, my health, my worth, and definitely not my Jesus! This means #WAR!”

Heavenly also addresses the world in her caption saying, “My friends and I of all ages are ready for battle! Are you?”

Pastor and musician Charles Jenkins is featured in the single while Heavenly Joy sings about pleading the blood of Jesus against the lies of the enemy.

The child is gaining national attention as a talented singer and young warrior for Christ.

Watch video below…