6 Reasons Why Many Ghanaian Women Will Not Like To Marry a Pastor

    Pastors have been known over the years to be the pillars of the church and the bridge between God and man.There has been interests in most women who would like to be a pastor’s wife but there are others who do not have such interests and here are some reasons why.

    1. Restrictions- women who marry pastors are usually restricted to a certain kind of lifestyle, dressing and presentation.

    1. Public Attention- Most women are uncomfortable being under the spotlight all the time and being watched by members of their husbands church who monitor their entire movements and actions and even speech. Some are even on the watch for how receptive they are to others.


    1. Pastors are considered poor and religious slaves- Since their only job is to be a preacher and no physical sight of income fetching business or jobs, most women consider them not having enough to take care of them and any family they raise. Since they will need money from members through tithes and offerings.


    1. Living up to expectations of members- A pastor’s wife has a certain standard in the eyes of the member. They will like to see her do certain things some way to be the leader they want.


    1. Spiritual life differences- Many women feel they might not be able to live up to the kind of spiritual life of the pastor to be able to support his vision and ministry with regards to praying for long hours, fasting and preparing sermons. It’s seen as too much responsibilities.


    1. Time factor- since Pastors are always on the move spreading the gospel and going on missions, they might not always be there to raise their family or spend time with them.