6 relevant facts in life you need to consider

There are several hard truths in lives that have been overlooked but it’s time we admit such facts and overcome them.

Below are 6 facts to note:

  •    Take it or leave it, your enemies are the same people you communicate with about your endeavour.
  •    Faith is believing what is not there to be there and Fear is believing what is not there to be there. Brethren, the choice is yours.
  •    Why do you waste your time praying to God to know your enemies whiles their right beside you day in and out.
  •    The nicest people around you are the cancan-warms to your destiny. When around you they pretend to love you but they’re your worst enemy.
  •    Beware of strangers who pretend to be angels at the first encounter by engaging you in a long conversation about themselves. We catch fish with a fish. Be wise!
  •    Amazingly, I now understand why The Lord said we should love our enemies and even pray for them to live so that they can see the glory of God in our life and give a testimony of the goodness of God.

This is because they are people you communicate with, if they should die, who you will communicate with of God’s greatness in your life when God blesses you by destroying their evil deeds against you.

Be careful for nothing but in all things by prayer and supplication.