7 Daily Habits In The Lives Of Uncommon Men And Women – Mike Murdock

    Your Dream Is Deciding Your Habits.

    1. Uncommon Achievers Arise At The Same Time Every Morning.

    John R. Rice, the famous Baptist evangelist of many years ago, would often arrive home from his crusades at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m., on Monday mornings. But his staff declared, “Regardless of when he arrived, he was at the office the same time each morning!”


    2. Uncommon Men Start Their Work At The Same Time Each Day.

    One of my close friends told me, “The wealthiest man in our town backs out of his driveway at 7:55 a.m. every morning…without fail. Mike, I can set my clock by it.” He has a Daily Success Routine.

    Ernest Hemingway, the famed writer, wrote every night from midnight until 6:00 a.m. in the morning, then he would sleep from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon. The most prolific writers in America have a Daily Success Routine, writing the same hours every day.86


    3. Uncommon Men Pray At The Same Time Every Day.

    David did. “Early will I seek thee.” Daniel prayed three times a day. Always establish a consistent appointment in the Secret Place. It will radically change your life. It may be for five minutes, but do it daily. It must become a part of your Daily Success Routine.


    4. Uncommon Men Read The Word Of God Daily As A Part Of Their Success Routine.

    Reading three chapters a day (and five on Sundays) enables you to complete the Bible once a year. If you keep waiting until you have time, you will never read it. Your Success Routine in the Word will keep storing within you the thoughts and presence of God. Nothing is more important than your appointment in the Secret Place each day reading the Word of God.

    My greatest success habit is listening to the Bible every morning on tape or CD when I awaken. It’s the first thing I do every day even before I brush my teeth. His Word washes my mind, stimulates my faith, and puts a picture of my Best Friend before me, the Holy Spirit.


    5. Uncommon Champions Habitually Speak Words Of Hope, Confidence And Expectation Of Excellence. Words create your future.

    Your words of faith and enthusiasm are the fuel unleashing the promised harvest of One Thousand Times More.


    6. Uncommon Achievers Have A Habit Of Planning Their Day.

    Mary Kay Ash, the famed multimillionaire, plans every day with a simple list of six things to do. Mark McCormack invests one hour every morning in planning the next 23 hours. Think about it! He plans his day for one solid hour before doing anything else.


    7. Uncommon Leaders Exercise Every Day Of Their  Life.

    President Harry Truman walked an hour every day until he was almost 80 years old. He had determined the Daily Success Routine of his future.

    When I began to meditate, read and study the Laws of Increase, many keys appeared: Tenacity, Integrity, Motivation, and scores of others. When I determined to recognize the 7 most powerful keys, it exploded…The Daily Success Routine.


    What You Keep Doing Daily Is Creating The Future You Have Always Wanted Or The Future You Dread. It has been ignored in most motivation books.

    Now, what really causes a man to reverse the bad habits of his life and birth new ones? A tragedy in his life? A screaming mate? Not really. You simply have an awakening of a dormant, ignored, overlooked Dream within you of how great your life can really become.

    You cannot change your life until you change your habits.

    You cannot change your habits until you change your Dream.

    You will not change your Dream until you become angry with your present.

    Are you feeling pain? You are ready for the Promise of One Thousand Times More.

    I read an interesting statistic a few weeks ago in a powerful book on millionaires in America. It showed how the wealthiest people in America, by percentages, were people from other countries who entered the United States impoverished. Their past was so painful and so powerful in their mind, they developed work and money habits that created incredible success. The book also explained how the middle-class American has almost no chance at wealth, because he is not feeling enough pain.