7 reasons why you must be Anointed

The anointing of God has an error correcting power. The anointing does not permit error. God sent Moses when he heard the cry of the people to correct the errors that was happening.

When God’s plan for your life is thwarted, the bible calls it evil so the anointing comes through to correct it.
To correct that error you need to engage the anointing under which you serve.

If you engage by your strength you fall but when you engage the higher altar there is victory – 1st Corinthians 14:39.

7 reasons why you must be anointed

Exodus 29:7 1st Samuel 10:1 Psalm 92:10

There is no human institution that can get you anointed because the anointing is a spiritual thing.

1. Jesus was anointed Acts 10:38 Jesus did not do anything until the spirit of God came upon him .

2. You cannot fulfill your assignment by your might or your strength. Zechariah 4:6. When you understand this , you don’t struggle in life.

3.You cannot complete the project you are doing without the anointing Zechariah 4:9. Many start things but cant complete it.

4.The anointing makes you untouchable 1st chronicles 16:22 when evil forces try they cannot get to you

5. You can use ordinary things to get ordinary results 1st Samuel 17:47&49. When you are anointed you can use just an idea to succeed.

6. You can prevail over your Goliath. In every family or destiny there is a Goliath . Every person is confronted but it takes the anointing to conquer.

7. You will not be wasted when you are anointed.
The anointing makes the difference and a game changer. When you are gifted you excite people but wen anointed u edify.