Our doors of elevation opens through the doing of certain little things as a child of God. David is a spectacular person in the Bible who walked with God.

Here are 7 things David did and God blessed him;

(i) David relied on the Power in the name of Jesus. 1st Samuel 17:45-47. the Name of Jesus is a great weapon for the believer and at the mention of this name in faith great and mighty things happen.

(ii)David depended on God as a source of his strength. Psalm 121:1&2. the Lord gives strength to all who rely on him for strength and David was no exception.

(iii)David knew how to Praise God Psalm 9:11, Psalm 18:49,Psalm 47:6. Learn to praise God through all situations knowing that the bigger your problems,the greater your Testimony. The Lord will meet you at your point of need.

(iv)David escaped all traps set for him. Psalm 18:29 he went through a lot of snares and traps set to bring him down but God in his infinite mercies protected him n delivered him from all. Believe that he can do the same for you.

(v)David was a man of Faith Psalm 27:1, Psalm 23:4. he depended on God for his protection regardless of all that he went through.

(vi)David was a man of his word Psalm 119:11,Psalm 66:18. He took Gods word and made a promise to keep it and he did. He offered Sacrifices to God just as he promised. when we make promises in the house of God let us be encouraged to fulfill that promise to receive that which belongs to us in his word.

(vii)David was an uncommon giver . giving should be a life style of every believer. You can give in so many ways through pledges, tithes,offerings,donations to the needy, with a cheerful heart. 2nd Corinthians 9:7