7 Things That Can Help You Have a Healthy Relationship

Relationships these days have become a norm and many go into it without the right mind for it. Here are some simple tips to help you have a good relationship;

1.You are not ready until you are fully aware of both the benefits and dangers of dating.

2.Your relationship must begin with a spiritual and mind (intellectual) level;where you can discuss your purposes, dreams, aspirations.

3.Becoming too emotionally and physically involved too deep a level can lead to inapropraite behavior

4. The physical dimension should be the least important thing to be considered in a relationship but we live in a world where our battle is between what God says and what the world says;understand what God considers right.

5.Make deliberate choices to set boundaries;resolve in your spirit not to lower the standards Daniel 1:5-8 can further give you an idea.

6.Have a healthy self image .

7.Have a solid faith and be committed to what you need to grow your own roots;be self motivated, stand firm,be internally directed regardless of what is happening in the world.