7 things you can Learn from Celebrities that can help you

Romans 8:19; Every one wants to be celebrated yet God wants us to go beyond celebration.

Celebration is the act of celebrating an occasion. A celebrity is a famous person who is admired by many.

To be popular is to be known by many whiles to be famous is to be loved and admired by many which a lot of times we confuse the two.

What Celebrities do;

1. Celebrities are purpose driven – They choose to discover their purpose in life and live by it.

2. They are big thinkers

3. They do not major in mediocrity

4. They are disciplined

5. They fulfil their dreams and destiny

6. They remain focused

7. They have the gift of handling greatness

Be willing on your own accord to be corrected as and when it is needed. It does not come easy but you can make it.