7 things you must not be filled with-Romans 1:29

As Christians we all strive to be like Christ,here are seven simple steps to guide you on your journey.

1. Do not be filled with unrighteousness.

2. Do not be filled with Fornication.

3. Do not be filled with Wickedness and Maliciousness.

4. Do not be filled with Covetousness.

5. Do not be filled with envy and murder

6. Do not be filled with full of deceit,,

7. Do not be filled with cursing and bitterness- Romans 3:14

If you are not filled with good things,you will begin to be filled with negative things. There are several evil things that you can be filled with.

Do not take it lightly because nature abhors vacuum.

7 good things to be filled with;

1. Be filled with the fullness of God -Ephesians 3:19

2. Be filled with the Spirit -Ephesians 5:18

3. Be filled with the knowledge of his will -Colosians 1:9

4. Be filled with Joy -2nd Timothy 1:4

5. Be filled with faith -Acts 6:5

6. Be filled with all knowledge -Romans 15:14

7. Be filled with goodness -Romans 15:14


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