A Cause For Alarm

sick man suffering from heart attack

A high ranking women killer has been tracked. With most of its symptoms difficult to discover. It is a heart disease and can kill within the next 1-minute.

This is the reason why doctors and health specialist are trying their best to create an awareness world wide. On the dangers of cardio-vascular diseases and ways to protect yourself. Since prevention is always better than cure.

In order to promote a healthy heart together with a responsive immune system. You need to make an effort to achieve it.


  • You can start with a regular checkup at the hospital. This is to ensure you are fit and help you detect any health condition earlier for treatment.
  • You can also schedule a daily, weekly or monthly exercise routine. To keep fit and be in a healthy presentable state.
  • Take in more water to stay hydrated throughout the day. You can mix fresh fruits with water to give a flavored taste. This would promote drinking more of the water.
  • Let cooking and consuming of fresher, healthy meals be a habit.
  • Cut down on trans-fat and saturated fatty foods which are high in cholesterol.
  • Minimize your intake of salt. This would help control your blood level.
  • Do not smoke and drink lots of alcohol.
  • Have more relaxing times for yourself. You can also choose to engage in fun activities that help to make you unstressed.