A Guide To Faith At Every Age

What is influencing your Faith? Your faith can be influenced both positively and negatively but Pleasing God helps you to get what you are looking for. Pleasing God is equal to faith in Hebrews 11:1,Romans 10:17,John 1:12 it is very important what we allow into our spirit. you can flush out what you don’t need in your spirit.

Faith can come in two ways;there is the Good positive faith uplifting report and Mark 6:2 thaught that when Jesus was teaching in the synagogue,the people marveled with the kind of wisdom and power he possessed and also the mighty works he performed.

The information we receive can have an effect on the individual. There is also the Bad Negative faith drowning report which in Mark 6:3 others who heard Jesus teaching rather doubted and questioned his roots and got offended. They chose to receive the negative faith.

Sources of faith varies, there is the undesirable past personal experiences which springs out of things that happened in the past life of an individual.Things that when you remember can put you in a state where you regret.

Negative report on the other hand can be diminishing reports about something happening.It could be diseases or recurring situations that gives the same results all the time.

choose to have a positive faith.