A Sacred Palaver!

The moment sounds opportune.

His banner over me is love.

There’s a mystery of the two.

This is a model’s miniature.


Though some may consider this, trivial

Or fail to mind the touch of the divine

In this dialogue, I view a holy ceremony.

The drag and the pull of this scenery

Add to the intensity of the towing coherence

And fellowship between the strong and weak.


Buds and sweat standing out,

Senses at parade,

The thread finding the needle’s eye,

Parties knowing themselves as they tread on air,

With ecstasy and zeal,

Project the duo beyond the threshold,

Fuelling the squirt of quanta of energy.


The statement has been made:

A fulfilled command or a quenched thirst.

Though views might be aired again,

A climax is resolved in satisfaction.

This meeting should be held in camera

Between the one.


Written by: Emmanuel Boakye-Yiadom