A Supernatural Choice – Kenneth Copeland

One of the best examples I’ve ever seen of the Word determining someone’s choice was in my dad’s life. When I was just a teenager, he was called to testify in a lawsuit his company had brought against a man who had broken contract with them to begin his own company.

There was a great deal of money on the line and the man had already offered my dad millions of dollars’ worth of stock in his company if he would testify in his favor. All my dad had to give was a yes or no answer. If he said no, he walked out of the courtroom a multimillionaire. If he said yes, he walked out with his job intact and a pat on the back.

He didn’t even have to think about it. He just walked in the courtroom, answered yes and ended the lawsuit. Afterward, I said, “Dad, how could you say that and just walk away from all that money?” He answered simply, “Because to say anything else would have been a lie.” My dad didn’t experience any pressure in that situation. As far as he was concerned there was only one thing to do. His choice had been made by the Word of God long before he ever stepped into the courtroom. He’d already made a decision that lying was not in his lifestyle and his choice flowed out of that decision.

Somebody might say, “Boy, that would be a tough choice to make.” No, it would be harder than tough, it would be supernatural. You have to be living above this natural realm to turn down an “easy” multimillion dollars. But you can do it if the Word of God is abiding in you. Notice I said “abiding.” That’s the term Jesus used when referring to His Word.

He said, “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you” (John 15:7). The word abide means to live. God’s Words are living forces. Powerful forces that, if you allow them to take up residence in you, will produce holiness in your life.

To be holy is to be separated to God’s use. Therefore, if you’ll allow your choices to be bathed in the anointing of God’s Word, those choices will separate you from the destructive bent of this natural world and take you into the blessings of the SUPERnatural realm.
Just think how far-reaching the consequences of such a change would be. Your choices can affect an entire generation. You can make certain choices that can either damage or enrich lives all around you.

What may not seem like a very important decision to you, may ultimately make vital differences in your own future and that of your family. But God sees the whole picture. He knows what’s around the corner that you can’t see. So when you are walking in His choices, your life starts to fit.

Things start working. All the pieces of the puzzle start coming together. You can save yourself so much heartache and headache it isn’t even funny, just by spending some quality time in God’s presence and in His Word.

If you’ll let Him, He will help you with every choice you make.



-A Matter of Choice