Abortion Clinic Shuts Down after the Launch of A Prayer Initiative!

An abortion facility in New Mexico recently closed its doors, becoming the third surgical abortion facility in the U.S. to close in just the first month of 2017.

LifeNews.com reports that the Whole Women’s Health abortion chain moved from Texas, across the border into New Mexico where laws restricting abortion are extremely relaxed.

The clinic even referred underage girls from Texas who wanted abortions to their New Mexico facility because New Mexico does not require parental consent.

When they found out the abortion facility was moving to New Mexico, pro-life advocates began an intense campaign of prayer.

Pastors Manny and Grace Lardizabal of Albuquerque, New Mexico led a prayer team to the New Mexico-Texas border, near where the clinic is located. Amazingly, when the Lardizabals and their prayer team showed up at the abortion facility on the day it was scheduled to open, they found out that it failed to open due to the work of a pro-life advocacy group which pointed out that the clinic was not complying with zoning ordinances.

“Financial issues drove Whole Women’s Health into New Mexico, and it is likely that financial issues also drove them out,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Abortion numbers are down and the border area is over-saturated with abortion facilities after the courts allowed two El Paso abortion businesses to reopen a couple of years ago. There just isn’t enough demand for abortions, which in itself is an answer to prayer.”

Courtesy: christianheadlines.com