Ghana’s Position On The New Prosperity Report On Africa Will Surprise You

africa prosperity report
Ghana ranked 9th out of 38 countries measured in a new Prosperity Report on Africa, with the country doing so well in security and safety.
Ghana also performs highly in the categories of Entrepreneurship & Opportunity(9th), Governance(5th), Education(7th), and Health(5th).
The Economy was her only blight where she is ranked 30th, a rank better only than 8 other countries in the rankings- Djibouti, Sudan, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Burundi, Guinea and Liberia.
The London-based Legatum Institute’s 2016 Africa Prosperity Report, which ranks the most prosperous states in Africa on indicators such as Economy; Entrepreneurship & Opportunity; Governance; Education; Health; Safety & Security; Personal Freedom; and Social Capital, puts South Africa as number one overall.
Only 10 countries make the list of high ranking prosperity, 18 in the middle ranking and 10 in the low ranking, bottomed by the Central African Republic.
The first 10 most prosperous African countries
1. South Africa
2. Botswana
3. Morocco
4. Namibia
5. Algeria
6. Tunisia
7. Senegal
8. Rwanda
9. Ghana
10. Burkina Faso
-Daily Graphic