After Death, What Next?

Ecclesiastics 2:16- the fool, the wise man too must die.!


What will you do if you had one-day left to live?
A question many prefer not hearing or answering. A question that also bring others to the reality of life and the need to put things right.
The Bible enlightens us on the trend the world takes. ‘Nothing being new under the sun and the fact that we will surely die and be forgotten by the next generations.’
Unfortunately, our class in life doesn’t save us from death nor does it buy us time to live. Leaving all with the acceptance of the inevitable faith of life. That we all will depart from this earth oneday.
The scripture above makes it clear. Bringing to live our place in eternal life (Heaven-Hell). That above all your earthly works(Vanity), what have you to stand for in heaven.                              Think about it, after your death what next? Is there something greater than life here on earth, to be ready for?

And what must you do in order to secure your hope in all these…, knowing Jesus. Accepting Him as your Lord and personal savior, studying, meditating and living on His word.                                                            God loves you and wants the best for you, both here on earth and eternity.