Alarming Drug Addiction Cases in Nigeria

Dr. Dokun Adedeji is a Lagos- based medical expert, who stands against drug abuse. He urges religious organisations and families to help the government in the fight against drug abuse in Nigeria.

Dr. Adedeji is also the National Coordinator for a faith-based group named Christ Against Drugs Abuse Ministry (CADAM).

This meeting was held in preparation towards the annual National Youths Success Camp (NYSC) in August 2018.

According to him, aside government efforts, religious organisations and the society must wake up to challenge the negative trend. Since the dangers associated to it is huge for the nation.

He believes that the weapon against substance abuse resides in the religious organisations like the church.

He urges preachers to get involved with addicts. And also preaching and praying about it from the altar. The government must not rest because the danger is huge for the nation, society and families.

He also added, “We are in difficult times. The society is safe no more because of these substances being consumed daily in Nigeria.”

The church and society have been urged to come together. And show addicts love and support. Since they can change from their addictions through counselling.

The government has also been asked to fight the rapid sales of harmful drugs that is negatively affecting the youth in the Nigeria.

Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode was commended  for the Lagos State Kick Against Drugs Abuse (LASKADA) Initiative. With efforts intensified by the Federal Government and the National Assembly, to address this problem.

The issues of dealing with drugs are collective- the homes, schools, churches, mosques, government and every sphere of the society. The consequences are huge.

And many of the drug-manufacturing companies are elevating their families while destroying other lives. Making it dangerous to fold hands.

Pastor Gboyega Senfuye, the Lagos State Youth Leader of DLBC, commended Dr. Adedeji for the enlightenment.