The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me…

Isaiah 61:1

Isaiah outlines the powerful effects that the coming of the Sprit of God would have. When the anointing comes on you, it will also make you do certain things.

The anointing on your life will cause your preaching and ministry to heal broken-hearted and disappointed people, even though you may have no practical solutions for their problems.

When you are anointed, people will be encouraged when they see you and hear you! The fact that someone is encouraged does not mean he is healed. Sometimes there are legal reasons why people cannot be healed in this life and this comforting ministry is therefore a powerful alternative for them. The power of God that comforts without actually healing the problem is equally powerful.

When the anointing is on your life, you will have joy, praise and thankfulness in your heart. The spirit of heaviness is the spirit of depression. The feelings of depression (worthlessness, hopelessness and guilt) are not inspired by the Holy Spirit. They are often demonic affectations. The anointing will cause you to be a righteous person. Most human beings are unable to gain control over their passions and human weaknesses. The anointing on your life will cause people that are bound to be set free as you minister to them. Many people are bound through the presence of evil spirits.

Because of the anointing you will be a priest. What an honour and privilege to be called a priest of the Lord. READ: Isaiah 61.

By Dag Heward – Mills.