Answered:Your Most Burning Questions About Women in Ministry

Ephesians 4:11-15,Philippians 4:3 and Romans 16:1-3 tells an amazing story of women who took up ministerial positions and performed wonderfully.Women can function in the five(5) fold ministry.

Being a pastor’s wife is a calling of its own kind and though not all are called into this ministry,they need dynamics to stay put and help their husbands.

There are so many ways a woman can function in ministry;Women in help ministry,in Joel 2:28 women can be great helpers in ministry.Any ministry the Holy Spirit engineers,women can function in it.Many are usually afraid of their calling because of the things they hear people say.

what can women do?

Women can be intercessors for their husband’s ministry,they can also be a mother to the congregation and use their talents also. They can equally manage challenges that pop up in ministry. But first women have to be accommodating,must be prepared for ministry,must be able to sacrifice their time and energy,must also be cooperative.

Things not to do;

1.Wives should not hijack their husbands ministry.

2.Do not send your problems or family challenges with your husbands into the public domain.

3.Do not look down on people.

4.Do not push your husbands to rebel.

5.Be submissive.

Above all, trust God for emotional support and stability;Get a trusted mentor to assist you. Be yourself,the idea of a pastor’s wife is to grow just like any other Christian and need to feed on the word of God, Fast,Pray and even join programs of the church and participate.

Husbands likewise should not put stumbling blocks in their wives way, women should develop love for the church and support the ministry with their substance.

Examples of women in ministry in the Bible are Dorcas (Acts 9:36), Lydia (Acts 16:14) and other women (Luke 8:2-3).
The called needs support of people and husbands;They can be founders of congregations,Head or Assistant pastors,they can function in any of the 5 fold ministry and there is no limit to what the spirit has for them.

There is the Husband and Wife ministry where they both have to work together in ministry. They need cooperation, they also need to know their area of calling and function accordingly, they must do a lot of team work and know there could be a challenge in case one partner gets transferred.

Women should know that husbands are the heads of the home and be submissive. It is one ministry and no division. God will not give you a big responsibility if you cannot handle the little one.