Archbishop Duncan-Williams confirms the end time prophecy Of President Donald Trump.

Concerning the signs of the end time, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams made certain assertions during a church service at Action Chapel International by noting a few things to come by which he made mention of Nations moving their capital towns from one location to the other in fulfilling prophesy.


This great move was anticipated to happen during President Donald Trump’s reign. It could not happen with any other previous President because “Trump is on an assignment and he himself understands what is driving him” Archbishop stated.


He entreated his congregation to mark his prophecy that the capital would move to Jerusalem and when it does,the next thing would be the rebuilding of the temple. “As soon as the rebuilding begins we have to start watching the clock” he added.


“There is something beyond reasoning and logic that is orchestrating the events of our time beyond the control and the reach of man ” the Archbishop Duncan-williams emphatically stated.


Here is a caption from the newspapers on December 6,2017,


Donald Trump will declare formal recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday,In his remarks to be delivered in a diplomatic reception room in the White House, Trump will base his decision on ancient history and current political realities that the Israeli legislature and many government offices are in Jerusalem.


He will also order the state department to start the process of planning and building a new US embassy in Jerusalem, but White House officials said that process would take at least three years.

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