Archbishop Duncan-Williams hails Charlotte Osei

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, General overseer of the Action Chapel International Ministries has lauded the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC) Madam Charlotte Osei saying that she is not as ignorant as people thinks she is.

According to him, the work of the EC boss must not be undervalue. Charlotte Osei is very well educated and has a good heart. She just need to be helped and not to be condemned.

He noted how he has known Mrs Osei since she was 18 years. “She has been in my church since the age of 18. I think a lot of people underestimate her, she is not that ignorant like people think she is. She is very well educated, she has a good head and a good heart. She just needs help.”

He added by saying, he doesn’t like the way women of high positions are treated in this country; “I don’t like the way we treat women in this country, especially when they are in higher office of responsibility. We subject them to all kinds of opinions. The young grow and we need to develop young minds, both men and women for a better tomorrow.”