Are you living or just existing?

Life is sometimes opposing, its like a complex melody of miseries.We cannot understand nor explain what it brings our way.

What we can do for sure is to share the emotions of our hearts and the expressions of our soul.

In this, we learn how to draw a thin line. That thin line between living and existing.

Indeed there is a thin line between living and existing as there is in “legality and justice”. A quote i read from my mentor, “The Observing Journalist”. He said, and i quote “People have eyes but have no vision, same way people have lives but are not living”.

Many years back, i was inside a classroom amidst sweating students trying to solve the mystery on the difference between living and existing.

I could see people writing pages but i sat thinking and thinking my page still blank as at the time the beautiful English madam Comfort yelled STOP WORK.

I couldn’t see myself getting zero on something that i could work on almost perfectly with time. We submitted our books and as the cupboard boy, i had to pack and keep them safe till she was ready to mark.

I slid my book into my bag for review at home.On our way home, i raised the topic again and some of them started boasting about how they had killed the question. I listened to them quietly till we parted ways.

At home, i asked my mum about it but she just shrugged and as my dad was partially or never home, i was on my own. I did all my home work and finally over dinner, i drew my book out.

I wrote all i could find the differences between the two. In the end, i wrote;”When you are living, you do all the things that you have always wanted to do.

You fulfill all your desires. You chase after your dreams and make sure you bring them to life. You have a total grip of your life and you do not let emotions overwhelm you. It’s not about having properties or wealth because the existing can also have all.

When you exist, you do nothing. You just be alive and survive! You are just on earth… Working, eating and sleeping. It’s just about breathing and doing the necessary to survive”.

The next day my teacher requested to mark them and a week after, we got our books back.
A lady had the highest mark, 8/20. The boy who bragged had 2/20. Indeed empty barrels… Most noise! Mine wasn’t marked though.

Underneath my work was a red inscription “SEE ME”. With fear of having been found out, i walked with trembling feet to my teacher. She asked a straight forward question… FROM WHAT DID YOU COPY? I told the truth… nothing madam!

She then took the book, and inscribed 16/20 after which she asked the class to clap for me. I felt guilty, but i had achieved my goal…I HAD LIVED THROUGH THE MOMENT! Now with what i wrote in my book,