Are you still struggling with secret sins as a born again Christian?

There is something glorious about your future God will show you, you will not need your pastor to keep preaching holiness message to you daily…

When you see a girl singing in the choir, yet, from the choir, she keeps sexual appointments, check that girl, she has not seen anything yet about her future.

When you see a young boy who dresses to church, to seduce those small girls to bed and his mates will be clapping for him, check that boy, he has a spiritual eye problem. He hasn’t seen anything about his future yet.

If you do it again and again and again, God will forgive you again and again and again.
But, while He is busy forgiving you, angels are busy searching for someone else heaven will use to replace you.

What separates men before God is not how long they can pray or how much scriptures they know.

The value God places on people is not determined by the position they occupy in the church.But how much they can bear for His Name sake.

Sometimes, He allows your salary to be delayed, to know if you will start stealing in your office. Sometimes, He allows some lose ladies to start suggesting sex with you, to know if you have grown.

But unfortunately, you still fall again ….Yes, He will forgiveā€¦But, you will still remain in the same class in the school of glory.

Decision separates men, there is an OIL that comes with separation. The weight of a man is buried in the decisions he makes when no one is watching him.

Many times, God allows you to be lonely so that you can be holy. Forget this public revival messages all of us are preaching. Many are still behind in the school of glory. Not because they chose to, but because they still don’t want to pay the price of separation.

If it takes a man to be married to be responsible, we will not have many married irresponsible men scattered all over the place who are renting houses for their girlfriends, while their wives are still at home.

When a man is due for marriage, he should get married. But don’t tell me to get married because you want me to escape fornication.
Marriage is not an escape route into a responsible life.