Attitude Lessons from the Vulture and Eagle

They both fly over the nation. The difference is that vultures always see rotten meat because that is all they look out for and thrive on that diet.

Vultures live on “what was”;they live on past glories but Eagles on the other hand ignore smelly flesh of dead animals and catch them alive .

This lessons brings out the point to which we differentiate between Attitude and Altitudes; your attitude determines your altitude.

Combine your dream with a positive attitude and you will hit the sky. Your attitude determines how far you will go in preaching your dreams.

Attitude is a situation in which people do things because they themselves have an internal drive to want to do them.Your attitude is a limiting factor in pursuing your life’s purpose.

If you think you can,you probably will and if you think you cannot,you probably will not. It is our best friend or our enemy which is the thing that draws people or repels them.

Attitude is the advance man of our true selves. It’s roots are unward but its fruits are outward.It is more honest than our words and an outward look based on the exact experience.

when it comes to Dreams versus Attitudes we can say a dream without a positive attitude produces a day dreamer. A positive attitude without a dream produces a pleasant person who cannot progress.

A dream together with a positive attitude produces a person with unlimited possibilities and potential- John Maxwell.

2nd timothy 2: 20-21; the world is ready for those who are ready to break the bone in an egg. If anybody can trust you,they must trust you for who you are.

We are more approved than disapproved.