Balancing Both the Power and the Fruit of the Spirit in Doing the Word

There should be an equal emphasis on WALKING in the POWER OF THE SPIRIT as well as walking in THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT.

The Holy Spirit isn’t only in us for only righteous living but equally for the supernatural demonstration of power.

It’s an imbalance to focus on only one of these at the detriment of the other. We are to walk in the POWER OF THE SPIRIT as much as the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT.

Jesus Christ, while He walked on the earth had both the power of the Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit in operation in His life; that’s the balanced Christian life.

The Church today seems to focus only on righteous living with little or no emphasis on supernatural demonstration of the power of the same Holy Spirit responsible for the fruit of the Spirit.

Walking the Power of the Holy Spirit is REQUIRED of us just as walking in the fruit of Spirit is REQUIRED of us.

DOING THE WORD includes both the fruit and the power of the Spirit. The same Bible that admonishes that;

“Flee fornication…” in 1 Corinthians 6:18 also instructed us that “Go, cast out devils, heal the sick, cleanse the leaper, and raise the dead…” Matthew 10:8

Walking in the fruit of the spirit is one aspect of doing the word, and walking in the power of the Spirit is the other aspect that completes the whole. It takes the combination of the two to be a doer of the word.

Desire strongly to both walk in the power and fruit of the Spirit, not just one, which is actually the imbalance we see today.