Balancing our lives as Christians Pt.1

  • “Noah” built the ark by faith but, he used measurements.
LESSON: There is a place for rational thinking in our walk of faith. Not all decisions should be made with blind hope! 
LESSON: God’s plans do not negate the importance of process. Sometimes you need to wait or work it out.
  • The stone that killed Goliath might have been anointed, but David’s skill was also involved.
LESSON: Developing your skills does not mean you are not anointed. If you play a piano, play it to the fullest. Don’t take us through the agony of listening to your cacophony in the name of “singing to the Lord”. Skills are important. There is nothing rude with telling that sister “you can’t sing, find something else to do in the house of God”.
  • Esther received favor to become queen, but she had to be groomed and prepared her appearance.
LESSON: Preparation is key to become fit for the occasion. Get knowledge, go to school. Stop blaming auto-correct, check your spelling even here on social media. Prepare, because some of us expect nothing but the best from you!
  • The promised land “Canaan” was full of milk and honey, but the Israelite also had to plow, feed cattle, and take care of sheep.
LESSON: Miracles are communication tools that God uses to instill trust, faith and the knowledge of His nature. You need to work, don’t expect miracles in a specific area of life all the time. No one pays rent for a full year with miracle money. We need it, we want it, but God wants what is permanent.