“Bare Bones Ministry” (Ezekiel 37:1-3)

Everybody has struggles to deal with, we are all walking through dry bones, things that are broken in our life. But God can take things that are scattered and bring them back together again.

The same anointing that took you to the mountain top can carry you down to the valley. The wind only blows on what you speak to. God can’t speak to situations that you have evacuated.

GOD said “SPEAK to your bones!” Your bones won’t get better if you don’t speak. Anything you DON’T TALK to will stay DEAD! I know you didn’t get what you had in mind, but you have to take what you got and turn it into what you had in mind!

This is the word of the LORD, to every dry place in your life SPEAK to those BONES and they shall LIVE! It’s coming TOGETHER!