Be a FATHER not the PUNISHER of the house

Be a FATHER not the PUNISHER of the house, never let your children feel UNCOMFORTABLE when you are home.

Don’t be the ONE  the children see and talk to only when they go wrong, be a trainer ,an adviser, a problem solver not just a BANK ROLLER of the family, you are the head of the family so let them learn from you.

Be strict when u have to, show them you LOVE them and let them know they can rely on YOU. PRAY and PLAY with them chat with them.

Let your sons feel they have a big BROTHER in the FATHER. Take a walk with them and be an EXAMPLE TO THEM AS HOW TO BE A FAMILY HEAD.
Don’t be the “the scarecrow” in the house when everyone has to hide when they sense you are coming.
Be a Father not the Punisher!