Become a Person of Prayer

how to spend more time in prayer
June 29

In the first half of this devotional book, we have explored many powerful prayer principles. By praying, we invite God to intervene in the affairs of earth, we agree with His sovereign will, and we ask Him to work His ways in this world. Prayer is a vital part of God’s purpose in creation; it is something we’re called to pursue.


I challenge you to test the principles of this book. Begin praying according to God’s Word and in Jesus’ name. Review the questions and action steps at the end of each segment and put them into practice. Discover your power, your authority, and your rights as an intercessor for the earth. Become a person of prayer who—


•knows that prayer is a sacred trust from God.
•understands his or her purpose in life as God’s priest, or intercessor, for the world.
•has a relationship of trust with the heavenly Father and desires the world to experience the power of His presence and life.
•knows that the will of God will flow from heaven to earth only through his or her prayers and the prayers of all God’s people.


If we know God’s plan for prayer but fail to pursue it, we are like the person who sees his reflection in the mirror, but then immediately forgets what he looks like. (See James 1:22–25.) Prayer is mandatory, not optional. If we want to see God’s will done on earth, we must do our part—we must pray.
Father, You have called me to be a person of prayer and have equipped me with prayer principles from Your Word. Enable me to be a person of prayer all my life. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Thought: Discover your power, your authority, and your rights as an intercessor for the earth.


Reading: Job 14–16; Acts 9:22–43


-Daily Power And Prayer Devotional (Myles Munroe)
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