Being ‘Reborn’

A woman, “Barbara,” began to read the New Testament.

“When I first started to read the Gospel, a power came out through the Bible to my heart,” she explained. “It was just like a small rock in the middle of a sea, yes, of the sea … a power came into my life and I felt that I’m not the same person.”

“I’m about to reborn and coming out from something very dead, very bad and something that happened to me is unique,” she said.

Then came her dream.

“One of the nights when I went to my bed I saw, I saw Jesus,” she continued. “He was talking about me in heaven — about the Kingdom of God. When I saw Jesus, He was pointing out to me. Later He told me that I had to read the Gospel in order to strengthen my faith and be able to share my faith with my friends.”

“I didn’t see actually His face, but I saw His form, you know,” she recalled. “He was a King and His kingdom — or His kingship rule — was over the whole universe and everybody was bowing down to Him. He was talking about His kingdom and I was one of those who stood before Him.”

CBN News asked Barbara how she feels now.

“I feel I have a very huge, big treasure. As much as I’m giving away from it, more comes back to it,” she said.

“You know Iran is a very dangerous place. If you don’t think just like the others or the majority, you’d be considered as a rebel,” she said. “So that means you will choose your fate or your death by your own hand.”