At Last, The Secret To believe and see Is Revealed

God wants to do a lot of great things in our lives but we need to position ourselves in order to receive.

The language of the kingdom and the currency is Faith. If it is in the will of God your faith can get good things for you according to John 20:24-29.

It is possible to be in church and still doubt when it comes to the things of God.

In the Bible,Thomas needed evidence to believe.there is the Thomas attitude which consists of the 5 D’s namely;

1.Doubts the promises of God -Having two thoughts or seconds thoughts about what God has said and questioning God’s promise.

2.Denies the works of God – not believing something happened because it did not happen and in thier terms.

3.Devalues the testimony of others -he was not there when it happened,he came and he was told he then reduces the supernatural happening to the level of the natural.

4.Demands to see before believing – needs proof or evidence,he is skeptical, the believer who says unless you give me evidence, i cannot hold on to your promise. he looks on to a sign before he believes according to Mark 16:17&18.

5.Depends on the physical senses – can i see? can i touch it? can i feel it? if i do not get a good feeling about this, its not God. unless i hear it and says that things are not real unless he sees them, kind of person.

To operate by the senses is to live in the realm of no exploits and unless you move beyond the realm of the senses you cannot pull down what is beyond the realm of the spirit.

The recommended kind of faith for the Christian is to Believe and See. As a Christian you need to understand that you do not have any evidence but the word of God. Find what is written concerning your destiny and stick to it.

You cannot have the Abraham kind of blessings with the Thomas kind of Faith. God wants us to build our confidence in his promise, he wants us to understand that when he does something for someone it is a sign that he can do the same for you.

God wants us to allow him to intervene in our lives (to perform the supernatural in our lives). He wants us to move beyond the relm of depending on our senses to depending on his Spirit.

It is Possible to believe God but your confessions can block your blessings according to 2nd Corinthians 4:13, you cannot believe and make wrong confessions. James 1:6-7 speaks of those who doubt God do not receive anything from him and in Mark 9:25 ,if you believe you will see the impossible.


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