Benson Idahosa’s Blessing Made Dangote Great – Arome

The Dangote Group is a diversified and fully integrated conglomerate with an annual group turnover in excess of N450 billion (US$3 billion). The Group’s interests span a range of sectors in Nigeria and across Africa. Current interests include cement, sugar, salt, pasta, beverages and real estate with new projects underway in the oil and gas, telecommunications, fertiliser and steel sectors of the economy.

The Group’s core business focus is to provide local, value-added products and services that meet the ‘basic needs’ of the populace. Through the construction and operation of large scale manufacturing facilities in Nigeria and across Africa, the Group is focused on building local manufacturing capacity to generate employment, prevent capital flight and provide locally produced goods for the people.

In line with its mission statement, Dangote has a rich portfolio of products, which meet the basic needs of Nigerians. The Group’s products & services and other sectors emcompass: real estate, telecommunication, steel, oil & gas, poly products, haulage, port operations, food & beverages, cement, haulage, services, and packaging.

Who in Africa does not know Dangote? Today, it seems Dangote is into virtually everthing you can think about.
While speaking at a ministers’ conference in Lagos on the need for true spiritual leaders and Judges to rise again amongst the christian folk, men of spiritual relevance and stature, Apostle Osayi Arome of the Remnant Christian Network, shared some rather surprising details about a major contributing factor to the wealth of Nigerian business mogul and Africa’s richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote.
According to the cleric (even though not explicitly stated) Dangote may not have hit the heights he’s presently at, if not for his encounter with the fiery and feisty pentecostal bishop.
After preaching a sermon in Benin city, Nigeria, globally recognised evangelist T.L. Osborne wanted to catch a flight to Lagos, and it so happened that Aliko Dangote was on the same plane as he had hoped to be on. But unfortunately, before they could arrive the airport, the plane was already all loaded (overbooked actually) and beginning to move.
In typical Benson Idahosa fashion, the Bishop wearing his flowing agbada, ran down the tarmac ordering the plane to stop as he went. Well maybe no one else could have succeeded, but if you know anything about the late Benson Idahosa, you’d know he never missed anything.
Osayi Arome confirms he was there as well, but was a little bit late, and the door was closed so he had missed the flight.
The plane stopped and the steps were lowered as the pilot came down to know what the issue was. Idahosa began “I have two of God’s important servants who must go to Lagos”. “But we are loaded to capacity. Every seat is full” said the captain. “Never mind.
Let me on board. They all know me; they see ‘Redemption Hour’ (Idahosa’s TV program).
Let me talk to them”. Idahosa obliged, climbed into the plane and walked down the crowded aisles.
He turned round , facing the passengers and started “Excuse me friends, I have two of God’s special servants in my car. They must go to Lagos today on this plane. Two of you will get off now so God’s servants can board. God bless you. He waited a minute, no one moved. The silence showed annoyance by the impatient passengers. Some pretended to be asleep and others it seemed were praying.
Idahosa slowly walked the aisle again. As he approached the rear, a young man rose from the back of the plane and asked the person sitting next to him to get up. Yes, said Idahosa pointing, you can go tomorrow. You can travel later he said, pointing to the other man. They both gathered their belongings and proceeded from the plane.
Benson Idahosa stopped the first man in the aisle of the plane. He asked him “youngman, what is your name and what do you do?
“My name is Aliko Dangote and this is my assistant” the young man replied. “I am a trader, a businessman”. Impressed, Benson Idahosa responded
“The World will get up for you” the mostly Christian passengers responded “Amen”. “My God will bless you! God will take you and your business beyond Africa and bless you beyond measure”.
Just before descending the steps, Idahosa turned and raised his hands with tears in his eyes, praised the Lord and blessed the remaining passengers for their patience. They all broke out in spontaneous clapping.
See you on ‘Redemption Hour’ this Sunday evening he said. They clapped as T.L and Daisy Osborne boarded for the flight.
Whether or not the world has stood up for that gentleman, I leave to your discretion. You be the judge of that!


Matthew 10:41 says:

“He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward.”

The Bible never lies.