Better Ways To Save Your Home From Germs

Below are the lists of some household items and areas that easily spread germs. And possible preventive methods.


Refrigerating products will not kill bacteria present. On the other hand it actually reduces their level of growth. This puts you on a really hot seat when you keep opening and shutting your fridge. Since, this habit increases the formation of molds.
Healthier Options
  • Carefully wash all surfaces of your fridge (including racks and drawers inclusive) with a vinegar solution.
  • Often wash the handle of the refrigerator with a bleach solution.
  • The floors of your kitchen is always subject to dropped food, dripped juices, spilled milk, foot stains, playing kids or pets, and many others.  It is therefore necessary, to allow bleach cleaned floors dry nicely before you allow kids or pets a chance to play.
  • You can also put a floor mat at the entrance of the kitchen. To ensure no one comes into the kitchen with feet-dirt.
  • Clean your dishwater with a paste of vinegar and baking soda. This mixture helps to kill germs present in the dishwasher.
Rubbish bin. 
  • Always cover your rubbish bin. To prevent smells and insects from spreading throughout the house.
  • Scrub your garbage disposal with bleach solution. Rinse with clean water and dry in the sun.

Try to clean handles (cabinets, fridge, kitchen,etc) in and around the kitchen with bleach solution.
Also clean cabinet once every week with bleach solution to kill microorganisms.
It is important you never get tired of cleaning your kitchen. To prevent early exhaustion, try to clean traces of dirt or fungi, bacteria build up before they spread. Also dust and sweep of sufaces before you clean with bleach and vinegar solution. You must always wash your hands properly after cleaning your kitchen and have a sanitizer around you at all times.